Saturday, May 22, 2010

'Copy attachment from another email' feature in web based email clients

This is purely an experience driven idea. Looks a bit crazy right now. But should be possible to implement this one. Let me brief about the feature I am looking for in web based email clients. To mention a few web based email clients- Gmail, Yahoomail, Hotmail etc which you use from your browser.
Lot of times we send some documents via email. These are called attachments. If you are using a web based email client you have to upload the document to the mail server to attach them in email. The uploading definitely takes time in a slow connection or for a big size attachment. The act gets annoying for me if the same attachment has to be sent in 3 or 4 different emails. Just think of a situation, where I have 3 mails from 3 different contacts requesting for my CV. The easiest way is to reply all of them in a single mail attaching the CV. But what if I don't want to disclose to any contact that I am sending my CV to others as well. I am sure you have been in such a situation many a times. What do you do then? You have to reply to each of them and while doing that you will end up by uploading the same document 3 times.

I genuinely feel something can be done here.  Once the attachment is uploaded to the server for the 1st time, it is stored there. You can check your sent items or drafts folder. The mail containing the attachment will be there. So, only thing the mail server has to do is, show a 'copy attachment from another email' option in new or reply mails. This will be a small but useful feature for web based email clients.

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