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Build Wine rpm with 32 bit application support

Wine is a software to allow running Windows applications in Linux, MAC etc. platforms. It is available for installation from package managers like yum (RHEL, CentOS) and apt (Ubuntu). You can find more details on how it works in Wine wiki.

But the default Wine package available from package manager does not have support for 32 bit Windows applications. This was the case for me. In Redhat Enterprise Linux 7.3, the wine package did not contain support for 32 bit windows applications. So the only option was to build a separate rpm of wine which will include this support.

All the steps are executed on a RHEL 7.3 VM (x86_64).

Step 1
Download and run shell script which will make wine 64 and 32 support for RHEL: It accepts a version no. as CLI parameter e.g. 2.0.3

The script installs wine in /usr/local/ directory by default. We can verify the files that are being copied for wine using "cd /usr/src/wine-2.0.…

Strings in Switch statements - a new JDK 7 feature

JDK 7 is the next release of Java language. There are lot of expectations from this release. For the first time Java is being modeled outside Sun Microsystems. Now JDK 7 has got a net host, openJdk community.

There are quite a few features planned in JDK 7. Some of them may prove to be a milestone for Java language. But my personal liking is a very small feature rather project called Project Coin. Coin serves to add small language features to Java which will make programmer's life easy. The JavaOne 2010 presentation for Project Coin lists the following features as accepted ones in JDK 7 time frame.

Binary literals and underscores in literalsStrings in switchVarargs warningsDiamondMulti-catch and more precise rethrowtry-with-resources (formerly known as Automatic Resource Management, ARM)
Out of these features, the most attractive to me was "Strings in switch". This is something I've longed for from my college days. I mean, though it was not Java (it was C) still I dre…